zero full movie review,sharukh khan zero movie.

zero movie full review ,sharukh khan,katrina kaif and anushka shrama movie.

Zero Movie Review shah rukh khan anushka sharma katrina kaif.
zero movie

Zero Movie Review

When Shahrukh Khan takes an entry, you want to play the seats, when he flirtats in the girls' romantic guesses, and Dilip Kumar's dialogue tries to impress the girl, it seems like your Shahrukh Mine has returned ... whose dimples we girls die.

Anand L. Rai and Himanshu Sharma have earlier made the film 'Ranjana' and 'Tanu Wedz Manu', 'Tanu Vedz Manu Returnar', once again, both have made a Zero film, in which Shah Rukh Khan is in the role of Bouwa Singh.


The film starts and you are not disappointed ... Dimple Shah Rukh, spread arms and speak romantic dialogue, then our expectations are greatly increased till the interval everything is going very well and then it becomes interval . The film revolves around the second half and after that the film can not hold the audience.

This story is of a dwarf budda lion, with which the goodness is that there is no inferiority complex in it, she lives in full style and attitudes and she does not consider herself less than a hero. It was his Confidence that takes him to the Bollywood superstar Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif) house.

The character of Baua Singh in this movie will win your heart, Shah Rukh Khan looks to make a huge comeback, Katrina Kaif is in the role of Babita Kumari, it can be called Katrina's career's best film so far, a shining face You can see how much gum can be behind this Katrina, you can clearly see. Gishan Ayub also performed the role of Meerut's boy in the best possible manner. Anushka has worked hard for her character but she does not miss special effects. However, the role of Anushka is quite different from the rest of the films.

There are some scenes in the movie that will disturb you - like what the Baua does with the magic of the stars that the stars break, how can two scientists marry a day on such a big mission? Many questions like you will roam in your mind?


The film looks very long, some parts are drawn unnecessarily. Along with this romantic and emotional scenes, you will not get stuck in it. There was a need to take special care on the scripting and editing of the film.

Shahrukh Khan and Anand L. Rai This film is very good, the audience should be seen. Bus could not hold viewers for long in Second Half

Star Ratings - 3 stars

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