Driving license in just 48 hours | Regional Transport Office

Driving license in just 48 hours | Regional Transport Office

Driving license in just 48 hours |  Regional Transport Office: You can not drive any vehicle without a driving license, and if you do so you violate the law. To make the license, the government is constantly making rules easier. Now even 16-year-old minors can also make their own license to drive e-bikes.

Driving license in just 48 hours |  Regional Transport Office
The process of making a license online is straightforward. If you are planning to set up a license and want to avoid cutting the RTO, then you can also make an online application. Initially, you have to create a learning license. After 6 months, a permanent license is made.

How much is the fees for the fees: learning license of 200 rupees. If you have not yet created a license then you will have to make the first learning. Permanent license is created only after learning. Age range is at least 18 years.

To do this, the online process of making online learning license is quite easy. You can apply by visiting the Ministry of Highways website. Here’s a list of states. First choose your state. There is an option for the Lerner after the state election. When the click opens, the full form opens. After filling the form a number will be generated, save it. Here you have to attach the age certificate, address proof, id proof.

Upload photos and digital signatures Upload your photo and digital signature after this process. Then there will be a slot book for the driving test. Fees are charged during the selection of the slot. After this, there will be a message on the registered number, which is to be saved.

After depositing the test fees online, the slot will have to go to RTO office and test it. This test is online and it is asked about traffic rules and traffic signs. There are 4 answers to a question. On the right answer, the second question emerges on your computer screen. In addition, it also shows that your answer is correct or false. As you answer the questions, you will get information about their correct answer or wrong answer, and after completing the test, you will find that your pass or fail.

Once the online licensing test is available in 48 hours, it will get online learning license online within 48 hours. It is 6 months old. During 6 months you will have to apply for permanent license. After 1 month of getting the Learning license, after 6 months, you have to return to the RTO office with your vehicle and then give a driving test. Permanent license is available for the second time on passing the test.

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