Today the driving license rules have changed, the old ones have to be updated

New Delhi: With the implementation of the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019, the rules for making a driving license (DL) and the vehicle registration certificate (RC) have changed since 1 October. The DL and RC format has been changed since October 1. Under the new change, the RC format of the DL carriage will be the same for all drivers across the country. That is, the color, look, design and security features of the DL and RC will be the same.

The new DL will have these features
Under the new rule applicable today, Smart DL and R will have microchip and QR. This will allow DL, RC color and printing to be the same in every state of the country. Now all DLs and RCs will have informants in one place. So far DL and RC have different formats depending on the state, but this is not the case anymore. The QR code and the chip will all have a record.

The QR code will have the entire horoscope
 The QR code will read the entire record about the driver or vehicle from the central data base. Let you know that a handy tracking device will be given to the traffic police to read the QR code. An emergency contact number will also be written on the back of each driver's DL. The police or any other driver may be contacted at this number without difficulty. Transport department officials say that after the change, traffic will be easier for policemen.

So far this currency was
At present, with DL and RC, each state was preparing the format according to its own specificity, but it was a matter of worry that the informants were initially on it in some state and in some states there was a backward print. But after the government's new decision, the informants on Deal and RC will be in one place.

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