Pradhan mantri Kisan Man Dhan Yojana

AgriApp with a bunch of professionals dreaming about making agriculture more sustainable both ecologically and economically in quick time with the help of technology. Join us in our mission and passion to make this a reality for keeping the ecosystem of food available for generations to come.
This all-in-one agriculture-focused app is completely free. Download from Google play store and Enjoy Farming. Happy and Healthy Farming!
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AgriApp is an IT, ICT, and IOT enabled technology company with an intent to bring the technology to the field of agriculture and food sector. We work on precision and predictive agriculture while building a strong Agri-Ecosystem for the benefit of farmers, economy and ecology. AgriApp works to fill the gap between farmers and the right kind of strategic information thus making the farmers ready for high-efficiency technology-enabled agriculture production and marketing.

Our Motto:
AgriApp motto is connecting the Agriculture ecosystem with the digital world while enabling and equipping the farmers with the next generation farming techniques. Making each farmer a Digitally Enabled “Agri-Entrepreneur” to Solve Food, Fiber, Fertilizer, Fuel and Feed Challenges.


1. m-Commerce
Buy Crop Solution(m-Commerce):
AgriApp provides inputs for Integrated Crop Management (ICM) with Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Don’t buy products, buy solutions for your farming needs! With this approach consult our crop advisors prior to buying, they will help you buy solutions for best crop production. And you get these products at discounted prices for going online and some of the product is best bought directly to farm. These are fresh and free of overheads and headaches! Shopping is fun and saving at agriapp.co.in and App.

2. POP’s
Explore the Science and Art of Agriculture with Package of Practices (PoPs) for each crop at your convenient time and refer it when you are in the field to understand all the factors of production leading to profitable agriculture. The expert guide book is with you for all the time and that too in your local language.

3. Crop Calendar
Agriculture experts bring you the calendar of events for your crop with respect to entire set of operations on real time basis delivered to your mobile to get into operations. This is one-of-its-kind service offered by AgriApp to enable farmers to address critical crop events at right stage to enhance the productivity and achieve the full-potential of the crop.

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