This special feature, now on Google Maps, will help you move around, learn more

New Delhi: Another special and exciting feature is coming to Google Map. Google has announced that it is going to add a new feature that can help it beat the Facebook platform Google Maps. This feature allows you to follow the profile of any local guide on Google Maps. To follow the Local Guide, there will be a follow-up option on its profile which you can press to get information by becoming its follower.

This feature is a social media-like feature where you can follow the people you love. With this feature of Google it can be estimated that Google Map is now going to be fully social media. We will know in the coming days how secure this feature will be.

What is special is that this feature is currently unavailable for the test. The Google Map feature is being implemented in nine cities around the world for the test. The cities where you can test this feature include Delhi, London, New York City, Mexico City, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco and Sao Paulo.

Google Maps will benefit tourists with this feature, which, in particular, advises the local guide to move around, it will be easier with this feature.

Google Maps is starting to look a lot more like Waze . Google today announced a series of new features that will allow drivers using the Maps app on iOS to report accidents, speed traps and traffic jams. And on both iOS and Android, users will be able to report other driving hazards and incidents, like road construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles and objects in the road — like debris. These are all core Waze features and among the primary reasons why many users opt for Waze over Google Maps.

Google had already offered accident, speed trap and traffic slowdown reports on Android before today.

The new updates follow a steady launch of Waze-like additions to the Google Maps app.

For example, Google launched speed limits and speed trap alerts in more than 40 countries in Google Maps back in May. And it had been testing various driving hazard alerts before now. Google Maps also previously adopted other Waze features, like the ability to add a stop to your route while in navigation mode, or the ability to view nearby gas prices.Mid trip UGC ReportWhen you’re navigating your route in Google Maps, you can tap to add a report, then choose from a long list that now includes: Crash, Speed Trap, Slowdown, Construction, Lane Closure, Disabled vehicle and Object on Road.

With the additions, Google is chipping away at the many reasons why people still turn to Waze.

However, Waze is still better for planning a trip by connecting to your personal calendar or Facebook events, while Google Maps has instead focused more on helping users plan their commutes. Waze also is more social and includes a carpooling service.

The benefit of more users switching to Maps means more aggregate data to help power Google’s other products. Data collection from Google Maps is behind features like those that show the wait times, popular times and visit duration at local businesses, for example. Plus, Google Maps is a jumping off point for Google’s My Business platform, which has more recently been challenging Facebook Pages by allowing Maps users to follow their favorite businesses to track promotions and events, and even message the businesses directly.

Google says the new Google Maps features start rolling out globally on Android and iOS this week.

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