Gujarat : List of Dhaba , hotels and Auto garage opened in the state of Gujarat during lockdown period

List of Dhaba/Hotels, Auto garages and Puncture repair shops opened in the state of Gujarat during lockdown period.

The Ministry of Roads launches a dashboard listing its shop and truck repair shops on its website.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has created a dashboard link on its website to provide a list of dhabas and truck repair shops available across the country by various organizations such as NHAI, states, oil producing companies, etc. 

This list can be viewed at https://morth.nic.in/dhabas-truck-repair-shops-opened-during-covid-19. Its purpose is to facilitate truck / luggage driver and cleaners traveling from one place to another in the current challenging time of the lockdown announced to tackle the Covid-19 epidemic. Continuous liaison with various stakeholders, especially States / UTs, OMCs, etc. is provided to provide information which is then updated on the Dashboard link on the MoRTH website.

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A central phone number of NHAI has also been issued to answer 1033 to help drivers / cleaners find information about dhabas and repair shops on the highways.
It is worth mentioning here that these dhabas and repair shops, drivers, cleaners or anyone else in the chain of goods trafficking must adhere strictly to all necessary precautions and all the provisions such as social distance, use of masks, cleanliness etc.

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