How to Find Lost Or stolen mobile using Google Find my Device

How to Find Lost Or stolen mobile using Google Find my Device: We've all lost our mobile phone at one point or another -- sometimes in our homes, sometimes in the car and sometimes out in the wild unknown. Now instead of searching everywhere to track it down, you can rely on Google for help.

This little-known Google feature lets you find your Android phone or tablet using Google's search engine on your PC, as long as you meet the right criteria

Your Android phone should have the Google App installed, Now cards enabled, Web & App activity enabled, Google Now notifications turned on and, finally, location reporting should be set to "High accuracy" mode.

Find Lost Or stolen mobile Using computer: Google Find my Device

Here's how it works:

  1. First, use your computer browser to log in to the Google account you have set up on your phone.
  2. Now type the phrase "find my phone" into Google's search engine on your PC.
  3. In response, Google displays a map that attempts to zero in on the location of your device.
  4. Give it at least several seconds, and you'll eventually see a location on the map that's accurate enough to give you a sense of where you left the phone.

For example, the map told me that the location of my device was accurate to 46 feet.

1. First Open Google And search "findmydevice'.

2. then Open first Link. see in screenshot

3. Then Log in using mail id.

Be Carefull you have to use this mail mail who is sign in in Lost or stolen mobile.

Then You can view different Option ON screen. Like this image,

Here Hint of all option to finding My Device :

Middle of the screen you can see Live Location and status of Your mobile phone.like This image.

In Left side so may option,

First Your mobile phone status Like IMEI no. and battery position of the phone.

PLAY SOUND: Using this option you can play sound for 5 minutes. if the phone is silent sound also Rang for 5 minutes

SECURE DEVICE: Using this option you can Lock your Lost or stolen phone. you have to enter Password and another thing to Lock phone, Be careful Once you SEcure Device Nobody can open your phone. and all your data will be secure.

ERASE DEVICE: Using this option you can Erase or Delete your phone. Once your Erase Device All of the Data of your Phone will be Deleted permanently.

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