The lockdown would then allow a large number of people to be imprisoned at home, thus releasing a phased exit

A 21-day lockdown has been made in the country due to the Coronavirus virus. The lockdown ends on April 14th. So everyone has one question on their mind as to what will happen after 21 days. Various institutes, industries, doctors, policy makers are under discussion. After a deliberate discussion with industry groups, political leaders, thinkers and policy makers, a four-week phase is being considered to remove the lockdown. Which may be as follows. However, no official announcement has been made in this regard.

IT, Financial Services, and BPO Company
Only 25 percent staff in the first week, 50 percent staff in the second week, 75 percent in the third week and 100 percent attendance from the fourth week.
In the meantime, the office will take care of social distancing. Meetings should be arranged accordingly. The rest will work from home in the meantime.
Industries and Factories
Companies producing food and necessities will be able to start production with 100 percent force from the first week. However, they have already been allowed to continue the factories.
Not essential as well as Consumer Goods
These people will follow the procedure given above for four weeks. These people start plants or machines that do not need 100% presence.
Public transport
Social distancing is difficult to maintain since starting public transportation. Therefore, no exemption can be allowed for four weeks in this regard.
Private transport
Allow private transportation but security needs to be taken care of.
Transport of goods
All trucks and delivery vehicles should be exempted but hygiene and social distancing should be advised.
Delivery and service of all goods is started from the first week. Not to be instructed.
School / Cinema / Mall
Like public transportation, it may be difficult to maintain social distance in school, cinema, or the mall. Therefore, they should be kept closed for four weeks. Four weeks later, a decision should be made based on the situation.
More than 20 hotspots of the Corona virus have been noticed in the country. All these hotspots should be kept in lockdown for four weeks. Because it is not desirable to spread the corona from these places.
Traffic management and employee transport
Private vehicles are the safest to be seen in the way of social distance. Thus they should be exempted. But it should be ensured that the companies in the technology and business sectors keep office hours open 7-10 am and closing hours 4 pm-7pm.

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