Gujarat Lock Down 4.0 Details Guidelines

Lockdown 4 has been announced in the country. The country will have a lockdown until May 31. The mall, school, college and gym will be closed during the fourth phase of the lockdown.

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The central government has announced a nationwide lockdown till May 31. Lockdown-4 will now be for 14 days which is till 31st May. The rules and regulations will be announced shortly. Lockdown-3 is set to expire today. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi first announced the lockdown on March 24, there were about 300 patients with coronavirus in the country.

What will open

Online learning will continue
The sports complex and stadium will open, but with no spectators.
The stadium will be opened for practice.
Government offices will open.
Government canteens will continue.
Buses will run from one state to another with the consent of other zones except the containment zone.
As many restaurants as there are will now be able to do home delivery of food.
The wedding can be attended by up to 50 people

What will be closed
Air services will be closed.
Metro rail services will be closed.
School-college will be closed.
The hotel restaurant will be closed.
Theaters, shopping malls, gyms will be closed as before.
The ban on religious, cultural and political events will continue.
Some states have declared lockdown before the lockdown 3.0 deadline ends today
The central government has announced to increase the nationwide lockdown till 31 May. Lockdown 4.0 will now be 14 days, the duration of which has been kept till 31 May. Its rules and regulations will be announced in a while. Lockdown 3.0 expires today. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown for the first time on March 24, there were about 300 patients of Corona virus in the country.
Today, after about 53 days, the total number of people infected with Corona virus in the country has reached above 90000. While the number of active cases of corona virus in the country is 53946. 34108 people have been treated and 2872 people have died during treatment.



Textiles are allowed in Surat. And will be turned on both in and out of the city. Social distance will be observed. Transportation will be allowed all over Gujarat. This guideline will be followed from Tuesday. A fine of Rs 200 will be imposed on those who do not wear a mask and spit.

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