How to Register Anubandham In Gujarat

Features of Anubandham Portal

How to Register Anubandham In Gujarat | A jobseeker or candidate is a person who is looking for a viable employment (job) opportunity.To get a job through the Anubandham portal as a jobseeker, you need to first register yourself onthe portal. The registration allows you to search andm apply for jobs on the portal. You can also view and update your profile on the portal after registration.

Anubandham Features For jobseeker :

  • The jobseeker module covers the following:
    • Access the Portal
    • Signup/Registration
    • Log into the Portal
    • View/Edit Jobseeker Profile
    • Search Jobs
    • Jobs Applied
    • My Interview
    • Job Preferences
    • Job Fair participation
    • Change Password

anubandham gujarat gov in registration

  • As a jobseeker, you need to register yourself on the portal before you can avail the facilities provided by the portal.
  • The “Register” link on the header(top-right) section of the portal’s Home page allows you to initiate the registration process. As per the registration process you get to create a password and generate a username for all your future logins. Your login credentials also enable you to make use of other functionalities of the portal.
  1. Once you click the “Register” button, the below page will appear, and user have to select the option “Job Seeker” from the drop-down menu.
  • Job Seeker can register into the portal by using either Mobile Number or Email-ID.
    a. If user is registering into the portal by using Mobile Number, email-id is nonmandatory. But to receive notification and updates email-id is also recommended.
    b. If user is registering into the portal by using Email-Id, then user will be prompted
    to fill the mobile number in common application form.
  • Click “Next” to receive the OTP on the valid Email-ID/Mobile Number

  • JOB Seeker

    • Anubandham Web Portal Job Seeker Registration : Click Here
    • Anubandham Web Portal Job Seeker Log in : Click Here
    • User Manual Job Seeker : Download [PDF]


    • Anubandham Web Portal Employer Registration : Click Here
    • Anubandham Web Portal Employer Log in : Click Here
    • User Manual Job Provider(Employer) : Download [PDF]
  • Enter the OTP verification code which you receive on your registered mobile number/email-id. Note: Click the Resend link, if you don’t receive the OTP.

  • Click the “Next” button. Your will be redirected to the common application form.
  • Part-A: Job Seeker is required to fill the basic details, such as:
    1. Name of the person applying
      1. i. First Name
      2. ii. Middle Name
      3. iii. Last Name
    2. b. Correspondence Address
      1. i. Address
      2. ii. State
      3. iii. District
      4. iv. City
      5. v. Pincode
  • User is required to click “Next”
  • Part-B: Job Seeker is required to fill the Registration details, such as:
    1. a. Unique-ID details
      1. i. Unique-ID type
      2. ii. Unique-ID number
    2. b. Login Details
    3. i. Mobile Number
      1. if user is registered through email-id, or
      2. if user is registered through mobile number, then number will be
        populated in the field.
        ii. Password
        iii. Confirm password
        (The recommended minimum requirement is one upper case character, one lower case character, one numerical character and a minimum password length of 8 characters)

      1. Click the “Signup” button. Your account is created successfully.

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